Money is Killing Relationships and Humanity

Many would close down this article at first go, many would hardly bother to finish with their reading, many would forget what they have read at the end, many would give least important to this article in their life. But I expect few can make major difference in making this World a happier place. So let’s add some smiles to the World!

Boring but True!
This topic sounds boring but very important in every aspects, though it’s not related to, Creative Branding Agency in India and their services but need to be showcase in this modern era, where world revolves around ‘MONEY’ and why ? It’s simple, we let this happen and now it couldn’t be change till the time new life-cycle would begin.

Let’s Start!
So where to start and begin with, because whole life is so disturbing due to the fact some are poorer, than at the center its Middle Class and Finally, richer. Why such terms got introduced in the Dictionary, why there is differentiation in between humans when we all are same. I mean poorer & richer, just because one has little penny or even no penny and some has a huge balance in their pocket with whom they can control all of us. Money I mean whole world is just running here and there just for one thing, it could be a world record in terms of Marathon, and everyone has won Olympic Gold as for life we are just running and running behind ‘MONEY’.

It’s there in front of our eyes but NO ACTION!
I am seeing all this happening in front of me, way back from childhood. Money has full control on whole world and people living just for the sake of it. How many suicides or even killing each other and death happens because of money only, has anyone bother or have any figure related to the same. Let me tell you, what is happening around the world: Money is Killing Relationship and Humanity. And no power or super power can stop it when it sooner become a major disaster on Earth.

Living in a Virtual and Fake World!
We are just living into the Virtual and Fake World, where we all dependent on Money & Technology. We work hard to earn it, we start neglecting relationship, we start disrespecting humanity as our whole mind controlled by money so we stop worrying what’s wrong and right, we make our life so hectic that we hardly have time for our family or social life. Techno world, where technology is making our life more robotic. Hard to imagine when any child born, within a span of one year baby starts familiar with mobile, laptop and computer systems. Always seating in front of Computer, Walking with Mobile, Playing online games. We all forgotten how important is physical activities and for child growth is a must but without technology we can’t even think of living.

Believe it or not!

  • Money is like a virus spread across the Globe and killing numerous of people in a day, figure is outnumbered each day.
  • Relationships is a cure medicine of all diseases, but its diminishing so faster that world is just seating and doing nothing for WW III is waiting to happen.
  • Humanity is a Global Common Commodity for all Human Beings, but even humanity is not left behind as we humans only are differentiating this term with different religions. Condition of human being these days can be described as selfishness and egoistic like take this as an example, road accident happened somewhere. Person who was on a two wheeler got collided and down with bleeding heavily, needed immediate aid but whosoever crossing the road is just passing by, and now a days they take video and pictures and getting uploaded on to the Facebook. I mean it’s so insane and inhuman. Where this world is all heading? In fact we all know because we all have become so impractical, selfish, lost our moral values just for the sake of nothing and then we also proudly say ‘I’m proud of myself’.

Sacrifices over Money!
This is the fact as if we cannot live without money though ready to sacrifice with relationships and love. And this is also the fact, we always left up with money only at the end when no one around us or ready to accompany us till death. Such choices has been finalized by us only, so whom to Blame.

  • Sacrifice Number 1: Relationships
    As discussed above, this is the major sacrifice done by human being over money.
  • Sacrifice Number 2: Love and affection
    So busy with money making, whole body and mind got affected and become heart breaker, Cold hearted.
  • Sacrifice Number 3: Self-respect
    Running, running and all day, week, month, year of running behind money made us Inhuman.
  • Sacrifice Number 4: Time
    Time management which is very important subject in school, colleges, corporates, and business, in fact in whole life but even money has achieved the Goal of becoming the most important subject in reality.
  • Sacrifice Number 5: Health
    I mean understand this, If there is no Health – What to do with money? Still we are capable of deteriorating our health in becoming richer but paralyzed of everything else.
  • Sacrifice Number 6: Personal Life
    And not the least but no personal life left for anyone due to money only. Times where wife compromised her emotions as husband busy with earning big money, No time left for family and friends but have time to part with colleagues or to attend BOSS party which is must for any employee to get noticed, No matter you start getting neglected at home, your social life (in fact no social life these days, it was way back in our grandparents times), and no personal life of nothing.

Side effects of Money!
Surprisingly there a lots of stuff to tell you regards to side effects of Money. Effects on life, our behaviors, happiness, personal growth and environment. Sadly but truly effecting all of those mentioned. All money is giving to people is an Evil Eye with whom they are just seeing and capturing money, ignoring their surroundings. Killing whole world with its Evil Power. Sure, only power reside and capture the whole world, who are incredibly rich and justify to positioned themselves among selfish, greedy and unkind imaginary so call tycoons Or perhaps they are secretly rolling in money, where rest of the audiences prefer to held back negatively. Ultimately money causes people to less humane, less happy and evil at the end!

  • Side Effect Number 1: On Life
    Biggest example can be this: Richer is the Dad, Poor are their kids, why? Because from childhood they have experienced money is the major factor of surviving and living but no time given for their family and kids. When dad even now a days mother went outside early in the morning to earn money, kids all left behind in some day care for their grooming at early stage, and when they returned they always find their kids sleeping, specially happens in between dad and kids. We tend to forget that actual growth of any child including care and love can only be provided from parents. Day cares are just temporary but they are actually increasing rapidly and what for? You guys answer. And this is Life, Kid formation to Adulthood
  • Side Effect Number 2: On Behaviors
    One of the biggest business in whole world is of alcohols and cigarettes, tobacco. This is actually cause due to our habits and behaviors. Whether they have money or not, tendency of drinking and smoking is at huge scale. If they have to borrow money, need to fight at home for it, or to even kill someone. They just can’t change their behavior for good in fact they prefer to stay for worst. Our mood swings, living habits, anger towards smaller things, always in a mood of frustration and irritation, living with dual identity, Road rage, fighting in public, Disrespecting your parents and elder. It’s all part of our today behavior.
  • Side Effect Number 3: On Happiness – Money Buys Happiness
    The major factor among all the side effects I can say. We do meditation, yoga these days to stay happy and healthy. But reality is opposite of it and we all know it’s impossible to stay happy these days because of major factor ‘Money’. And that why this sentence introduce to the world ‘Money Buys Happiness’ but they are actually buying loneliness, inequality, unhealthy. Happiness would stay for temporary period of time but they are getting themselves disconnected with rest of the world. What you will do when only you and money will be living alone?
  • Side Effect Number 4: On Personal Growth
    We all are materialistic these days to be very frank and money oriented. How often our own personal growth got affected because our tendency of thinking rotating around money and materials. Life, work and career and innovation is happening these days but just for one purpose to earn money more and more. How many times we need to compromises our goals, decision over education, career, building quality life, building self-esteem, improving health, improving social abilities but we daily compromises on mentioning special aspects of personal growth required for any individual. Nothing is happening else making our morals down.
  • Side Effect Number 5: On Environment
    Is the self-financing materialist going to heaven? Historical studies confirmed that money has the conclusion of making people less social. It’s simple if we don’t change ourselves and economic system, Our number’s up.

Now read this!

  • Money – It’s a materialistic thing created by human beings, for which sometimes they end up killing each-other
  • Relationship – It’s an emotional thing created by human beings, for which they always end up in love and care for each-other
  • Humanity – It’s a group of commodity where we all human beings live happily, for which they spread love everywhere

Choice is yours, what to choose and for what purpose to live for!
What you will do when only you and money will be living alone?

Let’s come to the conclusion now, this is the game played forever through your comments and answers. Let’s start now. One good decision in your life can change many Life’s. It’s a matter of surviving from the outcome of future. So don’t wait anymore.